JEXPO 2014: Physics Questions

1. If T and n are the time period and frequency of a simple pendulum respectively, which of the following equation is correct? –
 A) n x T = 1

2. The working at a hydraulic machine is based upon –
C) Pascal’s law

3. 100 gm of water at 60 C is added to 180 gm of water at 95 C. The final temperature of the mixture is –
B) 82.5 C

4. Time taken for the sunlight to pass through a window glass of 5 mm thickness is – s. (u glass=1.5)-
A) 2.5 x 10^-11

5.  The water equivalent of a body whose mass is m gm and specific heat is s cal g-1C-1 is given by –
C) ms cal

6. During total internal reflection, the energy of the incident light –
B) is not absorbed by the reflecting

7. If two wires of resistance 30 ohms and 40 ohms are connected in parallel across a battery the ratio of potential difference –
A) 1:1

8. X- rays are produced by impinging --- on a target.-
C) electron

9. If each of the units of force, velocity, and frequency are double, how many times has the unit of mass become?-
C) Halved

10. A body having a mass 100 gram is allowed to fall freely under the action of gravity. Its kinetic energy after 10 seconds (take g=10 ms-1).-
C) 500 Joules

11. The velocity of a body is given by the equation v=6-0.02t, where is the time taken. The body is undergoing-
 A) uniform retardation

12. Two bodies A and B are said to be in thermal equilibrium with each other if they have the same-
 C) temperature.

13. If body A of mass m1 on collision exerts a force on another body B of mass m2. If the acceleration produced in B is a2, then the acceleration (in magnitude) of A is –
 A) m2/m1 a2

14. An ant moves from one corner of a hall to the diagonally opposite corner. If the dimensions of the hall are 8m x 6m, the displacement of the ant is – m. –
 B) 10

15. What is the momentum of a ball that is moving at 6ms-1 and having 96 J of kinetic energy? –
C) 32 kg ms-1

16. An engine develops 10 kW power. How much time will it take to lift a mass of 200 kg to a height of 40m? (take g=10ms-2)  --
D) 8 s

17. A container with a mass of 5 kg is lifted to a height of 8m. How much work is done by the gravitational force (take g=10ms-2)  -
B) – 400 J

18. Velocity gradient as “change in velocity per unit distance”. Then its unit in the FPS system is –
 A) foot s-1

19. Sudden fall in the height of the mercury column in a barometer forecast –
 B) storm

20. An atom of an isotope with a large neutron to proton ratio will probably emit -
B) Beta particle

21. Which of the following isotopes is more likely to be radioactive –
D) Ruthenium 101

22. A Newton-meter/sec is a unit of-
B) Power

23. The loudness of sound is measured in –
D) decibel

24. The unit of electromotive force is –
A) volt

25. Three bulbs are connected in a circuit in an identical way. When a fourth bulb is also connected to the same circuit, in the same manner, brightness is reduced then the bulbs are connected in-
A) series

26. The value of escape velocity on the surface of the earth is –
D) 7 miles s-1

27. The device that can be used to detect the presence of current in a circuit is –
 D) voltmeter

28. How many hours must a 200-watt bulb glow to consume 1 unit of electrical energy?-
C) 5

29. The gravitational constant depends upon –
D) none of the above

30. If a body starts from rest and moves with uniform acceleration, then –
 A) v 8t

31. In the steam engine, most of the heat energy is converted into –
D) mechanical energy

32. Which of the following is opaque?-
C) Mirror

33. When a ray of light passes through a prism –
B) the deviation of violet light is maximum.

34. Bats make use of –
A) ultrasonic sound

35. When the Earth comes into the umbra and penumbra of the Moon – is formed. –
 B) total solar eclipse

36. The pitch of the sound is determined by the – of vibration –
A) amplitude

37. A hollow sphere is given a charge. The charge resides. –
 A) on outer surface only

38. The volume of an irregular shaped solid can be measured by using a
C) measuring cylinder

39. The ratio of the unit of acceleration and velocity gives the dimension of physical quantity –
 B) frequency

40. A boy dropped a ball from the top of a tower of height 125m then the average velocity of the ball at the end of 5 seconds, if it takes 5 second to reach the ground, is – ms-1 –
A) 25

41. The sure test of magnetism is –
B) repulsion

42. The distance-time graph of an object is a straight line parallel to the time axis, then the object is –
B) in uniform motion

43. An object moves the 1 st half of the total distance with a speed of 2ms-1. If the average speed of the body is 3ms-1, the speed of the body when it travels the remaining distance is – ms-1 –
B) 6

44. The standard meter bar kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures near Paris is made up of –
B) Platinum – Iridium

45. A body moves with an angular speed of 2 pi ms-1 in a circular path of radius 1m, then the time taken to complete one revolution is – s.-
A) 1

46. How many angstrom make a meter ? –
D) 10-12 A

47. A dielectric is –
C) also called a capacity

48. When a lake stars freezing in severe winter, the ice is formed first –
C) at top

49. A plane mirror is not used in a –
C) microscope

50. If the angle of inclination of an inclined plane is 30, its mechanical advantage is –


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